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Making National Service More Accessible

In early 2021, ASC solicited input from our network on ways the federal AmeriCorps agency and policymakers can make national service more accessible, equitable, and inclusive. The result is a detailed set of recommendations we sent to the federal agency in early 2021. These recommendations are not exhaustive and represent a snapshot in time. Until many of these barriers are addressed, it will continue to be challenging for national service resources to be accessible to all communities (potential grantees) and individuals (potential AmeriCorps members and volunteers). 

In August 2021, ASC built off the above recommendations to respond to the "Barriers to National Service" public comment opportunity. That comment opportunity limited responses to 5,000 characters so a shortened comment was provided with a link to this more extensive comment



About America's Service Commissions
America's Service Commissions is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association representing and promoting the 52 state service commissions across the United States and territories with the mission to lead and elevate the state service network. State service commissions are governor-appointed public agencies or nonprofit organizations made up of more than 1,000 commissioners, private citizens leading the nation's service movement and administering more than 75 percent of the federal AmeriCorps funds to address pressing community needs.